Elder Voices is exploring the virtual world of Second Life as a way to offer our education in a 3D interactive global environment. Our virtual place is located at the Nonprofit Commons, with organizations from all over the world. An Avatar can be designed to represent you and interact with other people represented by their Avatars. Using text and voice, images, animations, and videos, people exchange knowledge, collaborate on projects, offer education, and make new friends as a real time experience.  Virtual world interaction can be especially rewarding for people with disability who can try out new ways of expressing themselves that may not be possible in their daily life experience. For example, using animations, your Avatar can dance, ride horses, fly, teleport to many different 3D worlds, and build their own favorite environments.    

     Trying out ways of solving problems in a virtual space, like a theater or simulated environs, gives a chance to experiment with solutions and choose the best possibilities to express in real life situations. To design virtual world environments for learning problem-solving abilities to create guidelines for physical, personal and community survival that respect human rights, our education is presented as an example of the ancient traditions of telling stories around a Community Drum. To create the stories for the Community Drum, six individual Drums, called Magic Drums, represent each of the problem-solving abilities suggested from the research and practice of Kara Bennett PhD and Susan Patrice Weiner, MD MPH.  When you touch the Base of each Drum you will receive a notecard with a question that can help create your story. The Top of the Drum displays images that link to information from videos, text, and music to offer ideas for your answers. Make notes, take pictures, and record your suggestions to make a personal Journey Guidebook and decide what you want to add to the Community Drum. 


     There are five sets of Community/Magic Drums on Second Life. They each focus on a specific subject area that relates to human rights concerns, while offering the same general set of problem-solving abilities. These include; Create a Character that respects Human Rights, Searching for Borrelia: a quest to find a cure for Lyme Disease, Create a Character that respects Human Rights for Preservice Teachers, Create a Story about the kind of Character you Value as a Digital Citizen, and a Science Fiction example, called The Quest for the Galaxy Language. 

                        Become an Avatar and visit us at  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aloft%20Nonprofit%20Commons/243/107/23





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